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City of Antibes
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Picture of Patrick DuvergerCurrently (10 years) CIO in the public sector for the town of Antibes in the french riviera (Sophia-Antipolis). Management of a team of 155 people delivering all the internal services of the town covering: IT, network, telecom, energy, furnitures, vehicles maintenance, etc. CIO of the year for French public sector in 2016.

Previously: HP : 2 years manager of the EMEA SOA competence center and software demo center of HP in Sophia Antipolis. Compaq : 2 years project manager for the dev of connectivity plugins of the telco openview service management solution. Compaq/Digital : 2 years technical leader of the kernel of TeMIP (telco middleware). Orange / FranceTelecom : 3 years research and software engineer.

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