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Picture of David SeussDavid Seuss is CEO of Northern Light, a Boston-based company that provides machine learning-powered knowledge management platforms for market research and competitive intelligence to global enterprises. Seuss joined Northern Light in July of 1996, as employee number 18; seven years later, he led an employee group in purchasing Northern Light from its corporate parent. Under Seuss’ leadership, Northern Light has won many industry awards for its outstanding knowledge management products. Prior to Northern Light, Seuss was founder and CEO of Spinnaker Software Corporation, which he led from inception to a public, NASDAQ listed company. Before starting Spinnaker, Seuss was a consultant and manager for the Boston Consulting Group, running teams working with global companies on issues of corporate strategy. Earlier in his career, he was an engineer in the chemical industry for Olin Corporation. Seuss has an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School.

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