November 3 - 5, 2015
Workshops November 2
JW Marriott Washington DC
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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2015 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Continental Breakfast
Keynote - Complexity Informed Agility in Knowledge Management
Keynote - Unbounded Discovery: Designing a Taxonomy-Driven User Experience
Optimizing and Beautifying Search
Marianne Sweeny - 1045_Sweeny.pptx
Sebastian Klatt - 1045_Klatt.pptx
Teamwork Improves Search
Lee Romero - 1145_Romero(1).pdf
Scoping Out Site Search
Martin Baumgartel - 1345_Baumgartel.pptx
Paul M. Wlodarczyk - 1345_Wlodarczyk.pptx
Case Studies in Search and Discovery
Laurent Fanichet - 1445_Fanichet.pptx
Till Westermann - 1445_Westermann.pdf
Precision Without Boundaries: Results That Matter
Erik Schwartz - 1615_Schwartz.pptx

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Continental Breakfast
Keynote - Sparking Innovation: Human & Machine Learning & Knowledge Sharing
Keynote - Emerging Trends With Enterprise Search & Big Data
Kamran Khan - 0945_Khan.pptx
Tricking Users Into Entering Metadata
Robert L Bogue - 1045_Bogue.pdf
Dynamic Developments Debate
Jeff Fried - 1145_Fried.pptx
Beyond Blue Links
Tom Reamy - 1330_Reamy.pptx
Case Studies: Custom Search Applications
Video: The Last Mile Challenge for Enterprise Search
Ari Bixhorn - 1600_Bixhorn.pdf

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Continental Breakfast
Keynote - Learn It! Do It! Share It!
Carla O'Dell - 0900_ODell.pdf
Keynote - Finding the Needle in the Haystack With Enterprise Search
Moving Enterprise Search to the Cloud
Language of Search
Jochen Hummel - 1115_Hummel(1).pptx
Mark Schmelzenbach - 1115_Schmelzenbach.pptx
Attendee Luncheon & Keynote - Cognitive Knowledge: Emerging Solutions
Global R&D Search at Allergan-Actavis
Steve Shimek - 1315_Shimek.pptx
Creating ROI for Information Governance
Linda G. Sharp - 1415_Sharp.pptx
Future of Search
Miles Kehoe - 1515_Kehoe.pptx
Closing Keynote - Insights, Ideas, & Innovation