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Benedict Bleimschein

COO and VP, Customer Success

As COO and Vice President Customer Success, Benedict Bleimschein is dedicated to boosting team collaboration. His expertise in digital technologies and organizational development makes him the go-to expert when it comes to delivering cutting-edge projects that benefit both Mindbreeze’s internal and customers‘ organizational structures.

Mindbreeze’s unified approach of AI, data, analytics and automation gives customers the power to derive meaningful business value and improve the company’s processes. Mindbreeze was named a global leader in this space by Gartner and Forrester in 2021. The company’s current focus areas include

·       Providing data across all applications, and across all departmental and corporate boundaries

·       Achieving a comprehensive 360-degree view of information

·       Apply artificial intelligence to transform your business processes

Benedict Bleimschein, who holds a master degree in both computational arts and data science, has been innovating business processes as a certified SCRUM project manager for years. He has extensive experience as a data analyst, Mindbreeze system architect, product owner and agile project manager.

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