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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2019 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Welcome & Keynote - Knowledge Management in the Age of Smart Machines
Keynote - Delivering Killer App Taxonomy Experience in SharePoint Office 365
Keynote - Building the Knowledgeable Application with AI
Implementing a Personalized Search Experience
Romero & Jalagam - 1045_Romero.pptx
Natural Language Understanding for the Enterprise
Search Like a Pro: Mythbusting the ‘Black Box’ of Search
Using Data & Expert Knowledge to Build Smart Enterprise Search
Desai & Singh - 1445_Desai.pptx
Innovations, Insights, Implementations
Christian Vogt - 1615_Vogt.pdf

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Keynote - Future Trends: Insights for Knowledge Sharing in 2020+
Keynote - Pure to Pragmatic: From AI Hype to Delivering Actual ROI
Keynote - Demands for Data: Governance, Risk, Compliance, Analytics & Value
Keynote - Knowledge Management in the Age of AI
Fix or Replace: When Good Search Platforms Go Bad
The Quest for Useful Relevancy Metrics
Theresa A Simek - 1145_Simek.pdf
Configuring Recommendations for Personalized Search
Pryor & Cooper - 1330_Pryor.pdf
Changing the Game: Moving From Search to Insight Engine
Viren Patel - 1430_Patel.pdf
What’s Ahead for Search?
Feldman, Kehoe, Nelson & Wilde - 1600_Feldman.pptx
Susan E. Feldman - 1600_Feldman(1).pptx

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Keynote - Knowledge-Sharing Culture to Support Organizational Success
Keynote - Bringing a Consumer-Like Experience to the Digital Workplace
Keynote - Top 5 Lessons Learned in Enriching Enterprise Search
Unifying Content & Creating Efficient Enterprise Search
Walsh & Mumford - 1015_Walsh.pptx
Focus on Emerging Technologies
Bryan Reynolds - 1115_Reynolds.pptx
Benedict Bleimschein - 1115_Bleimschein.pptx
Keynote Lucheon - The 3 Pillars of AI & Their Impact on KM
KMWorld & Intranet Awards
From Intranets to Digital Employee Experience
Knowledge Graphs Creating a Connected Search Experience
Joseph Hilger - 1400_Hilger.pptx
Daniel Mekonnen - 1400_Mekonnen.pdf
Virtual Agents & Document Intelligence
Pugh & Serkes - 1500_Pugh.pdf
Keynote - Knowledge Sharing in a New Tech Future
Closing Keynote Panel - 2020 & Beyond: Creating Resilience in Organizations & Society

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