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Nancy Dixon

Principal & Founder
Common Knowledge Associates

Nancy Dixon is a thought leader in the field of Knowledge Management.  She has been a consultant to the most celebrated knowledge management companies with a rich experience in the corporate, government and international development sectors.  Her capabilities include: Designing interactive virtual team meetings; Increasing collaboration among virtual team members; Designing state-of-the-art convening to develop KM strategy and Delivering interactive workshops to teach KM processes.

Before founding Common Knowledge Associates in 2000, she was a Professor at the George Washington University for 15 years, and before that at the University of Texas, in Austin. She holds a Ph.D. in Administration with a minor in Sociology. She have written eight books as well as over 50 articles that focus on how organizations learn. Her books include Common Knowledge: How Companies Thrive by Sharing What They Know, CompanyCommand: Unleashing the Power of the Army Profession,  Dialogue at Work, and  The Organization Learning Cycle,  Her  latest thinking is on my blog, “Conversation Matters” at   

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