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Eric Gross

Founder and CEO

Picture of Eric GrossAn attorney by training, a techie by nature and an entrepreneur in spirit, Eric Gross is founder and CEO of Ozmosys, an AI company that transforms knowledge into opportunities for business professionals. Since 1999, many of the world's successful financial services and law firms have relied on Ozmosys to uncover business-critical developments, risks, and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

An avid techie, Eric is deeply involved in the AI development at Ozmosys. He is committed to leveraging the latest AI technology to deliver actionable insights to help business professionals make better-informed decisions, grow key clients, and win new business.

Eric is an AI thought leader on LinkedIn, a noted speaker at numerous conferences and a quoted expert in media publications.

Eric received his JD from Boston University School of Law and his BS in Business Administration from Boston University. He currently serves on the Westchester County Cybersecurity Task Force.

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