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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2022 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Welcome & Keynote: People Driving Knowledge Sharing: Sense- Making Frameworks, Tools, & Strategies
Keynote: Cross-Team Collaboration For Knowledge Discovery
Keynote: Thrive Despite The Great Resignation By Retaining And Delivering Knowledge Across The Enterprise
Keynote: Developing & Successfully Using Powerful Recommender Systems
Measuring Search Quality by Building a Human Rating Testing Program
Marc Dispensa - ESD101_Dispensa.pptx
Eric Pugh - ESD101_Pugh.pdf
Findability Reality Check
Cedric Ulmer - ESD102_Ulmer(1).pptx
Bringing Intelligent Search to Contact Center Users
Paranjpe & Deshpande - ESD103_Paranjpe.pptx
Beating Web Content Into Submission
David Seuss - ESD104_Seuss.pdf
Carl Prizzi - ESD104_Prizzi.pptx
Search Decision Making
Theresa A Simek - ESD105_Simek.pptx
Vasko Panovski - ESD105_Panovski.pptx

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Keynote: Management Meets Information Science Meets Data Science
Lambe, Roth, Zadonsky & Clarke - 0830_Lambe.pptx
Keynote: Unlocking Value From Unstructured Language Data To Scale AI & Automation
Keynote: Intelligent Content: Taxonomy, Findability & Delivery
Keynote: The Knowledge Hub: Transform Contact Center Agents To Super-Agents
Can Content Be Overtagged?
Steve Goldstein - ESD201_Goldstein.pdf
Enhancing a Search & Recommender Application With Open Source Tools
Pari Rajaram - ESD202_Rajaram.pptx
PANEL: Knowledge Graph Technology Today
Extractive Answers and Intelligent Search
Innovations in Search
Harish Srigiriraju - ESD205_Srigiriraju.pptx

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Quotient: Tools For Building
Keynote: Create A Knowledge Sharing Culture With Viva Topics
Keynote: ‘Just Make It Work Like Google’
Keynote: Designing An Exceptional Search Experience: Start With The End In Mind
Data Insights Engine
Karen Passmore - ESD301_Passmore.pptx
Smart Search for Deep Learning and Media Exploration
Akmal & Ravi - ESD302_Akmal(1).pptx
Keynote Luncheon: Knowledge Graphs Improve Enterprise Search
KMWorld Awards
AI-Powered Horizon Scanning
Semantic Search: Implementations in Your Enterprise
Heather Hedden - ESD304_Hedden.pdf
PANEL: Road Maps for Future Enterprise Search & Discovery
Keynote: Knowledge Automation: The Foundation of AI and the Future of Work
Closing Keynote: Lessons Learned At KMWorld
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