May 13-14, 2014
Workshops May 12
New York Hilton Midtown
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Enterprise Search and Discovery 2014 Presentations

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Search: The Enabler of Big Data Agility
Kamran Khan - 0945_Khan.pptx
Powering Search: Open Source and Big Data
Nathan Ahlstrom - A101_Ahlstrom.pptx
Search-Driven Applications
Jeff Fried - A102_Fried.pdf
Power of Content
Norman Kutemperor - A103_Kutemperor.pdf
Scaling and Managing Enterprise Search and Discovery
Eyes Only: Search and Security in the Enterprise
Improving Search for Better Discovery
Ed Dale - B101_Dale.pptx
Audio and Video in the Enterprise
Mindy Carner - B102_Carner(1).pptx
Business Cases
Trevor Carlow - B103_Carlow.pptx
Xavier Pornain - B103_Pornain.pptx
Information Governance
Theresa A Simek - B104_Simek.pptx
Master Data Management and Search Advice
Jason Bloomberg - B105_Bloomberg.pdf

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh, Shift! How Big Data Is Calling for an Enterprise Data Rethink
Going Mobile in the Enterprise
The Findability Framework - Establishing a Foundation for Knowledge-Driven Innovation
Jeff Carr - C202_Carr.pptx
Search, Discovery, and the Cloud
Fried, Everitt, Kehoe & Treloar - C203_Fried.pptx
Trending Now: Analytics and Graphs
Patrick White - C204_White.pps
David Feng - C204_Feng(1).pptx
Cognitive Computing: The Next Step for Search?


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