MAY 21-22, 2013
New York, NY
New York Hilton Midtown
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Enterprise Search Summit Spring 2013 Presentations

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Continental Breakfast in the Enterprise Search Showcase
KEYNOTE: Enterprise Search: How Do We Get There From Here?
Survey Results: Report on Enterprise Search Adoption Survey
Helge Legernes - 0945_Legernes(1).pptx
Search Trends 2013: What Comes Next?
Susan E. Feldman - 1015_Feldman.pptx
Market Insight—Creating Search - Based Enterprise Applications
Martin Tuip - A101_Tuip.pptx
Building a Foundation for Info Apps
Laritza Saenz - A102_Saenz.pptx
Tom Reamy - A102_Reamy.ppt
Tom Reamy - A102_Reamy(1).ppt
Freeing Knowledge From Silos
Corneby & Kittel - A103_Corneby.pptx
Market Insight—Pervasive Search with Mobile, Cloud, SharePoint and Beyond
Searching Video
Ananth Sankar - A105_Sankar(1).pptx
Text and Data Analytics
Arvind Srinivasan - B101_Srinivasan.pptx
Bob Foyle - B101_Foyle.pdf
Market Insight—Benefiting From Open Source
Beginning of the End of the Knowledge Economy
Improving Search Experience and Proving Value
Theresa A Simek -
Theresa A Simek - B104_Simek(1).zip
Moving Forward

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Things Do Not Get Better With Age
Ed Dale - 0900_Dale.pptx
Strategizing Your Way to Success
Martin White - 0930_White.pdf
Blurring the Lines Between Search and Business Intelligence
Coffee Break in the Enterprise Search Showcase
Market Insight— Search Strategies for the Large Enterprise
John-Henry Gross - A201_Gross.pptx
Finding Experts and Product Information
Kasravi & Risov - A202_Kasravi.pptx
Findability, Not Searchability
Shawn Shell - A203_Shell.pdf
SharePoint 2013
Jill Hannemann - A204_Hannemann.pdf
ENDNOTE: Platform Versus Apps: Which to Choose?
Susan E. Feldman - PastedGraphic-1.pdf
Big Search and Big Data War Stories
Market Insight—Leveraging Big Data For The Enterprise
Refining Search in Large Companies
Bonner & Tulsi - B203_Bonner.pptx
Tulsi & Bonner - B203_Tulsi.pptx
Peters & Connors - B203_Peters.pptx
Search Innovations: Organic and Cloud
Patel & Minkovich - B204_Patel.pptx
ENDNOTE: Platform Versus Apps: Which to Choose?
Susan E. Feldman - PastedGraphic-1.pdf


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