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Luis Rodriguez

Manager of Knowledge Management
Technip Energies

Picture of Luis RodriguezLuis A. Rodriguez has a passion for connecting people and seeing their talents and knowledge spread throughout an organization.  He believes in making connections that spark new ideas and solve problems. He has worked with multiple community of practice leaders and members over the past 13 years and manages a team of professionals from around the globe to promote and facilitate collaboration.  Luis leads the knowledge managment team at Technip Energies and encourages collaboration and innovation as avenues to achieving business results.  He started his career in mechanical design of subsea production equipment and as the Global Design Drafting Manager, led a network of 800 plus designers and drafters in the first community of practice launched at the company in 2011.  Luis has presented on multiple KM subjects in the past including the well-received "Targeted Collaboration for Business Success" at the APQC Conference in 2014.

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