Enterprise Search & Discovery 2017 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Keynote - People & Tech: The Future of Knowledge Sharing
Keynote - Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Dave Clarke - 0945_Clarke.pdf
Enhancing the User Experience
Stenstrom & Andersson - 1045_Stenstrom.pptx
Christian Gross - 1045_Gross.pdf
Making Search Optimization Effective, Repeatable, and Scalable
Nara Govindarajan - 1145_Govindarajan.pptx
Lee Romero - 1145_Romero.pdf
Managing Large-Scale Search
Joe Lichtman - 1345_Lichtman.pptx
Jeff Fried - 1345_Fried.pdf
The Cloud & Search
Sebastian Klatt - 1445_Klatt.pdf
Timo Selvaraj - 1445_Selvaraj.pptx
AI, Bots, & Enterprise Search
Berman & McKay - 1615_Berman.pdf

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Keynote - Wow, Woo, Win: KM for Customer Delight
Keynote - Relevance Maturity Model: Revolutionizing With AI-Powered Search
Keynote - Energizing Communities of Practice
The Ticking Clock on GDPR Compliance
Daren Glenister - 1045_Glenister.pdf
The Many Flavors of Search & Discovery
Your Search Platform Is Talking to You: Are You Listening?
Kelley & Kehoe - 1330_Kelley.pptx
Governing for Exceptional Search Capabilities
Kristina Podnar - 1430_Podnar.pdf
Solving Site Search
Martin Baumgartel - 1600_Baumgartel.pptx
Cathy Warner - 1600_Warner.pptx

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Keynote - KM Buy-In: Proven Practices
Keynote - Beyond the Box: How Search Is Driving Data Access in a Hybrid World
Search as Your Digital Assistant
Mark David - 1015_David.pdf
Cognitive Computing Meets Search
Bryan Bell - 1115_Bell.pdf
Attendee Luncheon & Keynote - Cognitive Search & Analytics: What It Is & Why You Should Care
PANEL: Mobile & Personalized Search: Tailoring the User Experience
Fried, Treloar, Cizmar & Schwartz - 1300_Fried.pptx
Making Secured Content Discoverable in SharePoint
Jonathan Ralton - 1400_Ralton.pdf
More Content, More Problems: Content Strategy to the Rescue
Adrienne Smith - 1500_Smith.pdf
Keynote - Creating Unified Views of Data With Semantic Graphs
Closing Keynote - KM in the Age of Digital Transformation: Magic Sauce for a Successful Future

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