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Cathy Warner

Principal Search Product Owner

Picture of Cathy WarnerCathy Warner is the Site Search Product Owner at SAS.  Cathy has a unique combination of technical and business skills.  Her years of focus on programming, customer experience, and everything in between, enables her to build practical solutions that make the best use of technology while delighting the customer. She is responsible for delivering a new end-to-end site search experience for SAS customer-facing websites, complete with new search engine technology and a redesigned user interface.

Cathy has been developing websites and website technology for 18 years.  In addition, she served as a judge for 3 years in the "Best Web Support Sites" contest held by the Association of Support Professionals.  Outside of work, she performs with and developed a website for the 100-member Little German Band that plays at Oktoberfests.  She is the band director, and also plays trumpet and Deutsch Kuhglocken (German cowbells).




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