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Filip Callewaert

Head Information and Knowledge Management
Port of Antwerp Authority

Picture of Filip CallewaertPeter Drucker's assertion that "making knowledge workers productive is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges" is the inspiration for Filip's professional life. Filip believes we're only at the very beginning of this huge project, as we do not have 'the big data' yet about the black box processes these workers perform to solve their problems. Yet we have started unveiling these processes in new and user-friendly collaboration platforms and the future of the New World of Work is promising. Filip is by nature and education a linguist and is especially interested in how the medium, form, structure determine contents and messages. He prefers to use concepts from semiotics to understand this issue and applies it to the question of authentic knowledge work. In his professional problem-solving cases, most often in the context of the New World of Work projects, Filip's responsibility adaptively combines many disciplines: information management, internal communications, organizational development, leadership, performance management, community management, knowledge management, process management, project management, business intelligence, IT, and even workplace ergonomics. He worked as a teacher in secondary education, was knowledge manager for the Doctoral Schools at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, after which he led the International Relations Department there; he was responsible for the information and knowledge management at the Social Welfare service at the city of Roeselare (Belgium), and now he performs that function at the Port of Antwerp (Belgium).

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