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Kamran Khan

President & CEO
Pureinsights Technology Corp.

As an investor and President & CEO of Pureinsights, Kamran provides the company with clear, pragmatic leadership. Pureinsights helps organizations go “beyond traditional search” by leveraging search and complementary AI technologies such as machine learning, knowledge graphs, natural language processing and large language models like ChatGPT. With over 30 years in the search industry, Kamran was a key executive at Convera before co-founding Search Technologies in 2005. The company helped organizations build search-based applications using commercial and open-source search platforms and grew to hundreds of customers and 200 people worldwide before its successful acquisition by Accenture in 2017. Kamran then led Accenture’s Search and Content Analytics practice for three years.

A native of Manchester, UK, but now a US citizen, Kamran graduated from the University of Manchester with an honors degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

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