Conference Presentation Resources

Many speakers have posted their presentations or other session documentation for attendees to reference before, during, and after the conference. Speaker presentations are posted as speakers give us permission, so please be sure to check this page often for additions.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Welcome & Opening Keynote: Tech-Driven Enterprise Thrills & Chills: The Future of Work
Keynote: Breakthrough Moments in Enterprise Taxonomy Management
Keynote: Capturing & Scaling Expert Knowledge with AI
Keynote: The Knowledge Foundation: Take GPT From Transformer to Transformation
Revisiting an Eternal Question: How Good Is My Search?
Lee Romero - 1100_Romero.pdf
Generative AI Search: Preventing Defects and Creating an Answer Engine
Ryan Welsh - 1200_Welsh.pdf
Colin Harman - 1200_Harman.pdf
Metasearch: The Missing Element for Enterprise Search
Probstein & Ford - 1345_Probstein.pptx
Stin Mattu - 1345_Mattu(1).pptx
Elevating Your Experience: Improving Findability & Knowledge Discovery in Microsoft 365 & SharePoint
Putting Enterprise Search in Perspective
Sebastian Klatt - 1615_Klatt.pdf
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Keynote: The Case for More Conversations in a Digital World
Keynote: From Knowledge Management to Knowledge Capital: Making Knowledge a Source of Growth
Keynote: Generative AI Tools: Impact on Search & User Experience
Keynote: Unlocking Knowledge Through Conversational AI
Getting Your Measurement House in Order to Succeed With Vectors & Generative Search
Eric Pugh - 1045_Pugh.pdf
Merck’s Search Journey
Jan Majer - 1145_Majer.pdf
What’s the Real Scoop on GPT, LLMs, & Other Acronyms?
Marydee Ojala - 1330_Ojala.pptx
Designing Enterprise Search Apps in Microsoft Teams
Stan Vanneste - 1430_Vanneste.pptx
Issues in Migration
Simek & Michels - 1600_Simek(1).pptx
Pablo Arce - 1600_Arce.pptx

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Keynote: Data in the Age of AI
Keynote: AI Platforms to Deliver Innovation Across the Enterprise
Keynote: Amplifying KM: Unleashing the Possibilities With Generative AI
Keynote: New Era of Content Discovery: Knowledge Graphs, LLMs, & More
Three Keys to Apply Generative AI to Enterprise Search
David Seuss - 1015_Seuss.pdf
Knowledge Graphs & Semantic Reasoning: A Recipe for Success
Peter Crocker - 1115_Crocker.pptx
Keynote: KM Augmented: GenAI + 10 AI Models You Need to Know
KMWorld & Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards
Neural Search
Amr Awadallah - 1300_Awadallah.pdf
Accelerating Knowledge Discovery by Converging Structured & Unstructured Data
Road Maps for Future Enterprise Search & Discovery
Jason McCullagh - 1500_McCullagh.pptx
Jason McCullagh - 1500_McCullagh(1).pptx
Keynote: The Evolution of the Knowledge Manager in the Age of Generative AI
Closing Keynote: Lessons Learned
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