Conference Program

Exploring the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Search & Discovery

Enterprise Search & Discovery 2023 offers attendees three days of practical advice, thought leadership, and interaction with colleagues and peers. Discover how to design, build, and manage better search and discovery to help extract critical knowledge and business value from your organizational data. 

Exciting developments are radically transforming enterprise search and leading to exhilarating approaches to knowledge discovery. We’re saying goodbye to search based on keywords and welcoming AI-based alternatives, sometimes combining older and newer technologies for the best results. Generative AI, machine learning, knowledge graphs, semantic and contextual query understanding, data security, techniques to boost relevancy, customized apps, and conversational AI have caught the attention of developers and non-technical people alike. At this, the 20th year of Enterprise Search & Discovery, we’ll examine the challenges and glories of new technologies and apply them to real world situations.

The recognition of the importance of search and its impact on the future of the enterprise and its employees cannot be downplayed. Discovering knowledge necessary to work smarter and faster comes down to findability and relevance. Not only do people need correct answers to their questions, they need them quickly. Hybrid work environments result in altered workflows so that enhanced search and discovery technologies become imperative. Aligning technology with user needs and behaviors puts people at the center of search.

Enterprise Search & Discovery will explore how to approach the rapidly changing landscape of search and discovery — from the technical aspects as well as the business implications of successful deployments. Be "wow"-ed by our speakers as they share their insights into designing enterprise search and discovery to empower business operations, enhance user experience, and allow workplace innovation to occur. Sessions are a mix of formal presentations, case studies, and interactive panel participation. 

Check back in mid-July for full program details!

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