Peter Crocker

CEO & Co-Founder
Oxford Semantic Technologies

Picture of Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker is the co-founder and CEO of Oxford Semantic Technologies (OST), developers of the industry-leading knowledge graph and reasoner—RDFox. In his tenure, Peter has grown OST into the established business it is today, implementing solutions across the globe. With a practical approach to clients’ needs, Peter has overseen the application of RDFox to tackle financial fraud and regulatory compliance, modernize data integration and clinical decision support, and transform configuration management and personalised recommendations. 

Prior to OST, Peter served as Program Director of Product Management for the IBM Watson IoT Platform Product. He has led product development, architecture and consulted in enterprise integration. A graduate from the University of Oxford, Peter attained a Master of Computer Science, Distinction, and a Master of Engineering Science, First class. 

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