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With nearly two decades of hands-on experience, I am a highly proficient enterprise search specialist. I am enthusiastic about aiding businesses of all sizes worldwide in realizing the potential and advantages of using SharePoint, Office 365, Amazon Kendra, Elasticsearch, and Azure Cognitive Search platforms to improve their organization’s efficiency and enable business transformation. My area of expertise is centered around creating exceptional enterprise search and intranet solutions.

My approach to implementing these solutions involves working collaboratively with both IT and business leaders, promoting the use of a no-code or minimal customization approach. My personalized approach allows me to identify areas for improvement, including utilizing analytics to enhance user engagement with existing implementations, connecting other systems to streamline and centralize search, implementing meta tagging of content for improved search capabilities, and strategizing the deployment of productivity enhancing applications.

All of these efforts are aimed at increasing user adoption and usage, as well as overall productivity

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