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Sedarius Tekara Perrotta

KM Practitioner, AI Consultant & CEO

Picture of Sedarius Tekara PerrottaSedarius Tekara Perrotta is a seasoned software entrepreneur and a recognized expert in Knowledge Management (KM) and Artificial Intelligence. With over twenty years of experience, he has utilized his deep KM expertise to consult and run KM projects at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to local New York firms. He was one of the pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence to KM having built, deployed and advocated using ML/NLP algorithms for over a decade. His Knowledge Management and AI expertise have come together to benefit organizations like the World Bank, Harvard Business School, MIT, and Stanford.

Sedarius is the cofounder/ CEO of Shelf and has led the company to numerous accolades, including the “KM Product of the Year” in several publications. His thought leadership has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, and CIO Review, where he continues to influence the intersection of knowledge management, artificial intelligence, and the future of work.

Sedarius is a Georgetown University alumnus and a participant of MIT’s New Enterprise Program, Sedarius’ career has been marked by diverse experiences, including a term as a US Peace Corp volunteer and a mentor at the Founders Institute. Sedarius remains committed to driving Shelf’s mission to empower humanity with better, more accurate answers everywhere.

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