John Chmaj

Chief KM Strategist

Picture of John ChmajJohn has worked for over 30 years in the field of Knowledge Management for
Support & Service. He is currently Senior Director for KM Strategy at Verint. He
has had KM-focused roles in many organizations including Microsoft, Lotus,
KANA, Knova, Primus, and the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI). He has
worked in all phases of the customer support process, including telephone and
online support, technical writing, knowledge management, applications
development, and worldwide knowledge systems design.

At CSI John co-chaired committees that created the Knowledge-Centered Support Strategy, the
Multi-Vendor Support Model, and the Incident/Solution Exchange Standards. He has been
acknowledged as an Industry Innovator by CSI and has published many papers and articles in
Knowledge Management. His primary interest is in the effective creation and use of support
knowledge to improve the customer experience and optimize the support process.

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