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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2024 is co-located with four other leading industry events: KMWorld, Taxonomy Boot Camp, Text Analytics Forum, and Enterprise AI World. You may choose to attend any one of these concentrated programs individually. But, if you are seeking to create a comprehensive enterprise strategy that incorporates search as part of a larger knowledge management, content management, or collaborative strategy and want to better leverage taxonomies, text analytics and AI, be sure to register for the Platinum Pass.

  • MORE CONTENT. Get access to KMWorld 2024, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, Enterprise AI World, and Taxonomy Boot Camp OR two workshops — in one location, for a unique opportunity to broaden your understanding of knowledge management, content management, text analytics, collaborative and digital strategies, and acquire the information, tools and strategies you need to create a successful, knowledge based enterprise. Choose from 100+ keynotes, sessions, and in-depth workshops.
  • MORE NETWORKING. Connect with your peers and over 200+ speakers for the opportunity to learn from the leaders and innovators in the field at a variety of networking events including: breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, and two receptions on the show floor PLUS curated Knowledge Cafe mentoring sessions, a Communities of Interest meetup, and more.
  • MORE SAVINGS. The Platinum Pass is designed to give you unparalleled access to multiple compelling industry events at one amazing location and price. Each pass, if purchased separately at its regular rate would cost over $5,000, but with a Platinum Pass, you’ll have access to four events PLUS Taxonomy Boot Camp or two workshops for just $1,995 when you register with early-bird rates by October 18.

Take advantage off all that Enterprise Search & Discovery 2024 and its co-located events have to offer. Find out more below and then register for a Platinum Pass for full access to these distinct, but synergistic, conferences.

Enterprise Search & Discovery

The Enterprise Search & Discovery conference is the only conference dedicated to exploring this critical business and technical challenge and opportunity. Discover how to design, build, and manage better search and discovery to help extract critical knowledge and business value from your organizational data. Join us as we explore how to provide transformative enterprise search and information discovery across your organization.

Enterprise Search & Discovery is designed for Search Managers, Line-of-Business Departmental Managers, IT managers, Information & Knowledge Architects, Compliance and Legal Officers, and anyone responsible for organizing, managing, and retrieving internal and/or external information.

KMWorld 2024

Discover the untapped potential of knowledge at the world's leading knowledge management event. Join the brightest minds in knowledge and information management at KMWorld 2024 this November in Washington, D.C. Get practical advice, hear inspiring thought leadership, and attend in-depth training and workshops on how KM and related disciplines can provide enormous value for your organization and transform your business.

KMWorld is designed for CIOs & CKOs, IT Managers, Knowledge Managers, Information Managers and Professionals, Executive Management, Intranet Managers, Information Architects, Content Managers, Customer Experience Professionals, Scientists & Engineers, Educators & Researchers, and anyone who wants to run an innovative, knowledge-driven enterprise.

Go to the KMWorld 2024 Website.

Taxonomy Boot Camp

Taxonomies are all about creating structures that bring data and information to life. Taxonomy Boot Camp is the only conference dedicated to taxonomy building and management. Join us as we explore the successes, challenges, and methods of putting taxonomies to work for your organization.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is designed for Taxonomists and Ontologists, Information Architects, Content Managers, Knowledge Engineers, Intranet Professionals, Content Classification Specialists, Information Professionals, Information Scientists, and anyone responsible for classifying, organizing, or managing content.

Go to the Taxonomy Boot Camp 2024 Website.

Text Analytics Forum

Text Analytics has the ability to add depth, meaning, and intelligence to any organization’s most under-utilized resource – text. Through text analytics, enterprises can unlock a wealth of information that would not otherwise be available. Join us for Text Analytics Forums as we explore the power of text analytics to provide relevant, valuable, and actionable data for enterprises of all kinds.

Text Analytics Forum is designed for Text Analysts, Content Managers, Data Analysts and Scientists, Knowledge Managers, CIOs and CKOs, Information and Knowledge Architects, Taxonomists and Ontologists, Business and Competitive Intelligence Pros, and anyone involved in organizing information or extracting valuable data from text.

Go to the Text Analytics Forum 2024 Website.

Enterprise AI World

The rapid adoption of AI and machine learning technologies has caught the attention of the world and is now becoming mainstream in businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence. Join us for Enterprise AI World and discover how AI applications can transform your enterprise today and in the future.

Enterprise AI World is designed for Chief AI Officers, Chief Data Scientists, Chief Knowledge Officers, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CEOs, Heads/VPs of AI/ML, Information Architects, Heads of Innovation, IT Managers, Heads of Analytics, and anyone involved in using artificial intelligence to transform the enterprise.

Got to the Enterprise AI World 2024 Website.

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