November 15 - 17, 2016
Workshops November 14
JW Marriott Washington DC
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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: Hacking KM or How to Innovate!
Jeffrey Phillips - 0845_Phillips.pptx
KEYNOTE: Thinking & Searching Outside of the Box
Clarke & Nichani - 0945_Clarke.pdf
Voice of the Customer
Ed Dale - 1045_Dale.pptx
Finding Meaning & Relevance in Search
Tom Reamy - 1145_Reamy.ppt
Delving Into SharePoint in the Cloud
Robert L Bogue - 1345_Bogue.pdf
Evolution of Search
Shapiro & Johannessen - 1445_Shapiro.pptx
Sebastian Klatt - 1445_Klatt.pptx
Search Trends in the Retail Environment
Benjamin Klatt - 1615_Klatt.pdf
Networking Reception in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lambe, Burke, Monney & Liebowitz - 0845_Lambe.pptx
Search & Big Data Is Evolving—Are You?
Insights Into Search
Laurent Fanichet - 1045_Fanichet.pptx
Linda G. Sharp - 1045_Sharp.pptx
Replacing Relevancy — Or Not
Grant Ingersoll - 1145_Ingersoll.pptx
Giancarlo Crocetti - 1145_Crocetti.pptx
Using Cloud Options to Modernize Search
Fried, Connelly, Probstein & Schwartz - 1330_Fried.pptx
Context Navigation & Semantics
Bob DuCharme - 1430_DuCharme.pdf
Winning With Open Source
Clay Pryor - 1600_Pryor.pptx

Thursday, November 17, 2016

KEYNOTE: Future-Proofing Organizations
KEYNOTE: Creating the Intelligent Workplace: Think Proficiency, Not Efficiency
Analytics & Metrics to Enhance Search
Theresa A Simek - 1015_Simek.pptx
Search & Discovery in Action
Rakshys & Oswald - 1115_Rakshys.pptx
Filip Callewaert - 1115_Callewaert.pdf
ATTENDEE LUNCHEON & KEYNOTE: Adoption of SharePoint Technology: Key to Success
Enhancing Search Results With Language Models
Herzer & Zhang - 1300_Herzer(1).pptx
Avoiding Information Silos
Ahren E Lehnert - 1400_Lehnert.pptx
Paul Cleverley - 1400_Cleverley.pptx
Future of Search
KEYNOTE: Challenging Assumptions at JSTOR
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Virtual Reality & the Future Force a KM Hack