Nov 5 - 7, 2014
Workshops Nov 4
Grand Hyatt Washington
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Enterprise Search & Discovery 2014 Presentations

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WELCOME & KEYNOTE: Enterprise Knowledge, Work, & Customer Value
KEYNOTE: The Intranet of Everywhere: Redefining KM in the Age of the Empowered Employee
Turning Search Upside Down
Charlie Hull - 1030_Hull.ppt
Upside Down or Right Side Up?
ATTENDEE LUNCHEON & KEYNOTE: Winning the Customer Experience Arms Race
Improving Findability at Pfizer
Fran Holly - 1315_Holly.pptx
Case Studies in Search and Discovery
Finding Elephants: Enhancing Search With Predictive Analytics
Fast & Maser - 1515_Fast.pptx
Search From the Customer Perspective
Garrett Eastham - 1615_Eastham.pptx

Thursday, November 6, 2014

KEYNOTE: Knowledge Sharing in the Networked World of the Internet of Things
KEYNOTE: “Working Out Loud” in Shell
Semantic and Graph Search
Fried, White, Kearns, Earley & Martin - 1045_Fried.pptx
User Behavior Testing
Lehnert, Rothfuchs & Rodriguez - 1200_Lehnert.pptx
Corralling Your Content in SharePoint
Jonathan Ralton - 1400_Ralton.pdf
Jonathan Ralton - 1400_Ralton.pptx
Tuning Up Search Relevance: The Gold Sample
Theresa A Simek - 1500_Simek.pptx
Security and Compliance

Friday, November 7, 2014

KEYNOTE: It’s a Process Jim, but Not as We Know It!
KEYNOTE: Achieving Successful Search
Who’s Who in the Zoo
Anne Buff - 1045_Buff.pdf
Anne Buff - 1045_Buff(1).pdf
Future of the Query
Jonathan Bordoli - 1145_Bordoli.pdf
Extracting Value From Existing Data
Wellard & Henrie - 1400_Wellard.pdf
Searching or Finding?
Bryan Bell - 1500_Bell.pdf
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Social Media Business: Using Online Connections to Increase ROI